Sherman Oaks Outpatient Services

Cliffside Malibu has been providing world-class evidence-based Drug and Alcohol treatment to thousands for the past 12 years. Our-evidence based addiction treatment has been further refined so that we can offer our methods on an outpatient basis. Our new, innovative outpatient program helps you BEFORE you spiral towards more serious addiction. We understand that everyone is unique and that is why our methods and models cater to the individual. We know what you are going through and what brought you to us. We understand the disease, everything that we do together is to get you sober and healthy with fulfilling productive lives.

Sherman Oaks Outpatient Services

Personalized, Compassionate, Flexible

Cliffside Malibu’s personalized approach to your addiction, rehab, and recovery encompasses:

  1. Personalized in-depth interview so that we can design the right program for your illness.
  2. Personal and group sessions that are specifically intended for you.
  3. Family members and significant others will also have a program designed for them to help them with our Stages of Change methods.
  4. On Staff, physicians integrate into our approach to address co-occurring mental health issues.
  5. To help ensure a lifetime of sobriety we will design an aftercare program for you after treatment with us.

We offer medication-assisted opioid, benzodiazepine, and alcohol detox.  Supervised by a Board-Certified Addiction Specialist, we provide a safe and comfortable detox program. Suboxone and Vivitrol treatment are available. Cliffside Malibu’s proven methods will guide you through your Stages of Change. Each stage is carefully monitored by our caring expert staff, all with the goal of helping you create a life free of chemical dependency and a renewed passion for life! Your Life!